Turtles at John Heinz Wildlife Refuge:   A piece I did with Saint Joseph's University covering students researching different species of turtles

the kinney center for autism, education, and support. 

cuppie honerable mention

Gettysburg address We take a minute to reflect on how Lincoln was feeling the day he makes his famous address to the American people during the Civil War. 

web series

a trailer for a series of videos that capturing mission week at sju

a series covering four sju students in their everyday life


17th and Roselore.  Small Houses performing at a live session for All Eyes On. This capped off a month of looking at Jeremy from Small Houses. To see and learn more about Small Houses look at August's coverage of him. 

Ali Wadsworth singing live in the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania. The room is a giant dome, and it captured Ali's incredible voice perfectly. Virtually zero audio enhancing was done, everything you hear is natural, the way it should be. 


Leon and Claire's wedding  An amazing time I had in the UK/Ireland shooting. 

Amy and Jenn's Wedding Preview  Promo video for Tastebuds last event. 

Take Your Time Series

day 1: roll

Day 2: disc