All Eyes On


All Eyes On

ALL EYES ON is a documentary web series, each season around a different theme. Season 1 was based around musicians mainly based out of Philadelphia. 

I wanted to take time and focus on just one person every month. Each week we'll release a little more about that person via video interview, podcast, and short documentary style videos about that person's work, career, or passion. 

There are so many interesting stories out there, too many to tell. However, we'd figure that we'll try to shed some light on the ones that you might miss. As a mentor of mine once said

"...we tend to save all our visual experiences for the grand obvious things in life i.e. the Grand Canyon or things of that like. What happens if we had that same experience on the little things?" 

what (Man on street) series

Season 2


welcome to season 2! this season is about two sculptors; don lowing and ron klein. they are both worlds apart in style and the type of sculptures that they do but they both have the same passion and drive, which is what drew me to focus on them. here's a clip at some of the things i'll be showing you folks, each week, for the next two months! 

january 2015

week 1

Ron Klein in Rochester, NY

week 1 covers a show that ron had in rochester, ny. the show was tremendous and ron's piece was put together a week leading up the opening. his pieces are really tough to take in through photos and video, but here it is nonetheless. 

throughout this month we'll dive into ron a little closer and see his process, where and how he came to the style that he's out and through it you'll get a good sense of who this guy is. 

Music: by Sammy Gonzalez recorded at The Bull Productions, Miami FL

Week 2: podcast

ron's podcast was a done a little differently this time. we mic'd ourselves up and just walked around his studio space as i was asking him about his process, and past as an artist. i felt the flow of things was a lot more casual and lead to some really interesting insights, for me anyway. ron's got a lot of wisdom from his career and is really insightful. next week we'll be looking at his studio space some more and get a peak into some new pieces that he's working on which are teased in week one's video. 

week 3: ron's studio

Here's a peak at Ron's studio that he works out of and a little about his process. I've found it really interesting to see how he's evolved him as an artist. Check out the whole story on his podcast that was released last week right above you!

Camera: RED Epic 
Lenses: Zeiss CP 21, Zeiss CP 50, Zeiss CP 85, Canon 16-35L
Slider: Kessler Shuttle Pod
Camera Rig: Zacuto Recoil
Edit: Adobe Premiere CC 2014
Color: Davinci Resolve 11
Music: by Sammy Gonzalez recorded at The Bull Productions, Miami FL

december 2014

week 1

welcome folks to week 1! I'm excited to share with you don lowing's story as an ice sculptor. He's been at it now for several years, has been to the international world championship in Alaska twice, and travels all over the country creating ice sculptures for various competitions, businesses, and just for the fun of it. 

i was lucky enough to get into his studio, locations since have changed, to see him work. when he asked what we are doing today i thought for a second, saw a painting on the wall and said "can you do that?" he looked at it for a second and simply said "sure" twenty minutes later boom! the damn painting come to life as a 3-d ice sculptor. much more to come from don but for now, here's that day. 

Week 2 interview

here's a short interview with don about how he got into sculpting and what he's done so far.

week 3: Podcast

week 4: rocky steps

in the last week for don lowing we decided to do a small tribute to rocky at his most famous stop in philly, the museum steps. the shoot was done as the sun was coming up in the fall and it was great to just pop in unannounced, cut some quick ice, and then have don's assistant, also named don, tackle it to the ground! 

it was so great to work with don on this project and i'm grateful to capture a little of what he does as his passion! i'm sure you'll be seeing him around in the future. 


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Season 1

Season 1


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