sju mission week 2015


this project was the first one that i noticed the passion and drive of the campus as a whole. It was so fun and wonderful to work on this with literally the entire campus. it so great to see what can get done when everyone gets involved!

given total freedom on projects is rare. this one i wanted to do some proper lead ups; from a teaser, to a trailer, to the product, and finally, a recap. 


above is a teaser that we put out a few weeks before the trailer (left). the teaser was supposed to be just something to get in people's heads. it wasn't supposed to have a ton of information about the event, just that it's coming up. that's what the trailer does. it gives specific details on the event, when it is, why it is, where it is, blah blah blah. 



each day we had a simple set up. a camera and a mic and one question: "what does the mission mean to you". it gave the people on campus; student, professor, and administrator alike to share what they thought the mission meant in their everyday lives. 

we delivered the videos the next morning. it was important to have the videos released daily and at the same time to create anticipation and an expectation in the viewers heads that there will be a video out the next day. 

mission week recap

we ended the week with a recap video that showed the audience all the events that took place during the week. in the future i'd like to incorporate a much more social aspect on it so the audience interaction can be beefed up a little. that being said, it's nice to show everyone all the things that went on that week and the people that got energized by the vibe that was created by the people working at the university daily.