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Part 1 of 3: Stages and Stereos Glamour Kills Tour

Part 2 of 3: Stages and Stereos Glamour Kills Tour

Part 3 of 3: Stages and Stereos Glamour Kills Tour

Week 4 of All Eyes On in October Ali Wadsworth singing Black Hole Waltz

Up The Chain "No Sweeter Sound"

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Ali Wadsworth - Still Not Over You


Tied and Twisted Pt 2

Tied and Twisted Pt1

Kevin Kill - Under The Radar

Toy Soldiers - Heart In A Mousetrap

Chris Kasper Day After Haze

Hezekiah Jones

Frank and Deans Show

Fantasy Square Garden 

Ali Wadsworth Demoing Day1


Ali Wadsworth Kickstarter Update #3

Ali Wadsworth Kickstarter Update #1

Ali Wadsworth Kickstarter 

Jacob's Ladder - Silence (Acoustic)

Jacob's Ladder - Scream

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a teaching tool used to Describe a unique Jesuit decision-making process that the SJU community experienced and articulates

ali wadsworth

jeremy quentin of small houses

ron gallo

Original story: Interview @ The Electric Factory in Philly for Circa Survive's last show on their fall tour. He speaks on inspiration, the creative process and shares a few snippets of how he writes.

An interview that I did for covering Bayside. These guys were pretty tremendous live and were nice enough to take a few minutes to talk to me on their first day on tour.

An interview with Farewell Continental outside of The Note in West Chester, PA


Mini Docs

Mini Docs

Mini Docs

Don Lowing



SJU Exhibit

Jim Walton - Amplifier Repair Man



:30 Series

:30 Series

:30 Second Series

The :30 series is an ongoing project that captures friends, music, and events in thirty seconds or close to it. 

Day 31:

First couple of shots with the Black Magic Cinema Camera (BMCC) I took around my area. Really excited to start with this little guy 

Day 32: 

These are my friends...

Day 34: 

My best friend's bach party

Day 30: Macaw  

My buddy Eryck got his mother's macaw. I walk into his place and randomly see this giant bird hangin out in the middle of the living room.  

Day 29: House

Bored around waiting for things to render renders me roaming around my place at the end of the day.  

Day 27: 30th 

A friend of mine's surprise 30th.  

Day 26: Aiden's 1st 

My nephew's first birthday, hangin out.  

Day 28: Face 

Some clips of a trip to Portland. We checked out a bicycle beer brew tour and some of the mountains.  

Day 24: Nightmare 

An image sequence of the Anthony Green show I shot in Union Transfer in North Philly

Day 23: Country 

What else can I say about Country. It's New Years Day in Philly, we're on two street, and this kid Country puts on a dress and goes nuts.  

Day 22: Chos 28 

My buddy's 28th birthday weekend in New York. This city was built for this kid.  

Day 21: Psychedelic Teens 

Local instrumental band Psychedelic Teens playing at Ray's Happy Birthday Bar in South Philly.  

Day 20: Blocked v2

Local block party in South Philly playing some music and showing some art.  

Day 19: Friday Double Down 

This is the owner of a vintage music shop on 4th and South in South Philly. He'll randomly jam out during the weekends in the shop. 




travel and events

Short clip of a trip to El Salvador

Marvilent Event 2: Brunch and Wine Tours 

Emily and Cory's Wedding (Tampa, FL)

PSA for on Anti-Violence 

Marvilant Event 1: Zip Lining and Pirate Booze Cruise 

Caroline and Brian's Wedding Reception