Stages and Stereos are on tour again. They got some rest on the floors and couches of my spot again. It made me think that this could be one of the last times if not THE last time I host a band. Not because I'm tired of it but just because I'm getting older and the bands that I'm friends with either don't tour anymore or have gone to bigger or better things. 

Stages and Stereos @ The Barbary

I'm really lucky to have known bands like Stages and Stereos and other FLA bands of my day like Select Start, Vega Under Fire, and Jacob's Ladder. It was great to see friends be able to travel around the country and perform. It was even more enlightening to realize all those presumptions of musicians melt away after spending time with on the road. The image that my elders painted was that of uncultured, misguided, drug abusing lost kids that need a good lashing and some time in jail. The reality is quite the opposite of that seen through the dramatized eyes of MTV, VH1 and the 80's hair metal days of my youth. This "kids" miss their homes, their significant others, and are just looking for a chance to keep playing and a place to sleep.  

Zach Schweizer of Stages and Stereos

Several of the members of the group had their ladies meet them on the road.   

It was great to catch up and check them out again. Hope to keep seeing you guys soon!