Alright, well an obvious DUH is in order to my initial reaction to what I thought of the camera. However, that being said, I had no idea the depth that's created when jumping into this new "cinematic" world. 

Everything has increased the time of anything I shoot now. No more are the run and gun tricks going to work with this guy. Just trying to do the two simple tests I've done alone on my own are a challenge. The weight's significantly heavier and in turn has made the shots a little smoother. The lenses too have been quite an impact with added pop, depth, and smoother controls of the iris and focus you get with the Zeiss CPs. 

The workflow is now reminiscent of my late high school/early college days with hours of rendering and lagging computer hardware struggling to keep up with a 5K workflow. At work we've compensated for it and the footage plays flawlessly in real time which is a god send, however, at home, my 2 quadro 4000s with 4GB of DDR5 ram doesn't do any good without what I assume are faster hard drive speeds. That's next. 

Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have the hard drive speeds to be able to handle this workflow much better. Til then, then tests will keep coming...