So for the last several years I've had this idea for a documentary. The idea was to get a handful of different artist and discuss the business and connection between the artistic mind and the outside facing public. So many times I've seen brilliant artist with zero sense of business. I don't think that they should necessarily have one per say  which is my original interest in this subject. The idea that the artist should also be this extremely savvy business person is a little ridiculous.

Artist's minds tend to have a much different workflow in their heads than minds like mathematicians, scientists, and business. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just the way that their minds are wired. Unfortunately, however, the world, because of technology and accessibility to information, has forced us all to be somewhat business literate.

How much does that take away from our artistic endeavors? How much does that get in the way of the creative process? Does it at all? These are things that I'm fascinated with because I think it does affect the way that the overall product looks and feels to a certain extent, for better or worse.

So fast forward to six months ago. I decided to split up the project into a much more manageable web series. I tend to do a lot of projects all on my own so I wanted to make it as simple as possible. Enter the New York Times. I saw on of their Youtube web series on different actors and actresses. I found it fascinating because of the simplicity of it. The jump cuts were part of the simplicity. No fancy editing techniques  No quick cut away edits, just a camera pointing directing at the subject in black and white. 

So I'm going to slow things down pretty dramatically with this project. One person each month, highlighted in several different formats. Those formats will be video, audio, and photo. I'm going to cover all different kinds of artists and people. The initial thought in my mind is musicians, sculptures, painters, film makers, and so on. The ideas are still coming in and this is a work in progress, but I'm excited to see where it takes me. So let's hang out. Let's really learn how these people think and how they get from the ideas in their heads to the visuals that we see and the music that we hear. It changes our lives and influences who we are and our everyday moods, for better or worse. 


Mike Gallagher