This weekend marked a few things for me. One was my 30th birthday. Many have asked if I feel any different. I do but I think that's only because I've been conditioned to feel different, more grown up.


ne of the things that I do feel is a sense of nostalgia for what I've accomplished and what I still have yet to do. It's somewhat difficult to not seem good about it when your goals seem unreachable. 


Another thing that struck me was a sense of community. Near me was a fire that broke out and ruined a few homes and stores. Outside for two days straight were the proprietors of those places and the people that lived in the house along with the neighbors. It almost seemed as if no one has seen a fire before, however, it wasn't that. It was the fact that it hit so close to home. I hope that these folks can pick up the pieces of their lives that they have lost. We can all take this time to be even more grateful for what we have and what we can loose in an instant.